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Aitken Vale Airdrome
Airfield Id:5398
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Alternate Base Name(s):Aitkenvale Airdrome, 2nd Weir, The Weir Strip
Island Name/Chain:Queensland/Australia
Field Type:Airfield
Long/Lat146 45' 0" E / 19 19' 0" S
Occupying force:RAAF
Source:Airdromes Guide Southwest Pacific Area - 1 July 1945
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Information Contributed by:Dave Pluth

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(above) Aitken Vale Area Map 

Photocredit: Airdromes Guide Southwest Pacific Area - 1 July 1945

Contributed by: Dave Pluth [Email]

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Single runway: 4532 ft x 150 ft

Slope: Level

Surface: Sealed 

Source: Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years On by Roger R. Marks Contributed by: Dave Pluth [Email]
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US reports list this field as Aitken Vale (two words) while Aussie reports it as a single word. 

Source: -Dave Contributed by: Dave Pluth [Email]
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